Strategies and Plans

With your target perception agreed, we can start to think about how to achieve it.

Once we’ve created your unique Black Dot Perception Matrix, and we know how you want to be seen, we can get to work crafting the right strategy to achieve this, backed-up by appropriate plans ready for implementation.  

At a strategic level, we’ll weigh a range of options for campaign activities and hone-in on the one that stands the best chance of success within your budget.  

Tactically, we’ll set out a precise sequence of activities, with key milestones and associated costs that make measuring progress easier for everyone, ready for implementation.  

So, depending on what audiences are in play, you might end up with a strategy and tactical plan for your internal communications, a separate strategy and tactical plan for external public relations activities, and a third strategy and underpinning tactical plan for your broader online and offline marketing - all ready to go.  


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About The Author

Madeline Carpenter is the founder of Market ‘Til You Make It. When she’s not serving her clients, she geeks out on board games, cider, and challenging her friends to top her awesome karaoke skills. She calls Bloomington, Minnesota home.