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Keeping your business or brand visible right now is crucial

The entire UK economy is currently on lockdown for an initial three weeks. But Michael Gove MP has indicated the lockdown could last for three months. Meanwhile, the deputy Chief Medical Officer has said social distancing may be in place for six months in total.

You can’t afford to ‘go dark’ for this length of time...if you do, your customers and prospects will quickly forget all about you, and you'll have to work even harder to regain their attention after the crisis has passed. It's crucial that you maintain brand visibility.

But there's a problem: what if you furlough your staff?

Many businesses, potentially yours included, will be designating their staff as 'furloughed workers' as part of the Government's Job Retention Scheme that will see HMRC fund 80% of wages (up to £2,500 per employee per month) for an initial three months.

The rules say furloughed workers are not permitted to undertake any work for their employer for the duration of their lay-off period. So just who will keep your business or brand 'front of mind' with your customer and prospect audiences?

We can, with our Lockdown Leapfrog offer

Lockdown Leapfrog has been designed specifically with SMEs in mind, and comprises a set of basic outsourced communications, PR and marketing services that will enable you stay visible on tickover for the next three months of lockdown so that can leapfrog your rivals afterwards. You'll get:

Email marketing

Social media management

PR and publicity

Use now, pay later

We know that you’re going to be doing everything you can to conserve cash in the next three months, but that you’ll recognise the value of staying visible.

With Lockdown Leapfrog, you can benefit from our services now but defer payment for three months, so the work gets done but cash flow is unaffected.

For instance, charges for work we perform in April 2020 won't fall due until July, giving you plenty of breathing space whilst still keeping your brand alive to those who matter.

Just £525 per month (minimum 3 months)

Lockdown Leapfrog costs just £525 per month plus VAT, with a minimum three month retainer commitment. To get the fine details, download the literature pack here:

Lockdown Leapfrog from 52M

Want to take advantage? We have limited capacity and so you'll need to act fast, sign-up below.

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