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The Coronavirus pandemic

The global spread of Coronavirus, and the response to it from governments around the world, has caused a major economic shock as entire countries have been forced into temporary 'lockdown' to prevent the spread of the disease known as Covid-19.

Consumers and businesses have stopped spending as a result, creating a slump not seen since the turmoil of the banking crash in 2008, according to the latest IHSMarkit/CIPS Purchasing Manager's Index.

We are all operating in uncertain times. The more we can do to come together and assist each other, the better our chances of emerging intact on the other side.

Practical steps we're taking

Right now, we are complying with Government advice and instructions concerning 'social distancing' to restrict the spread of Coronavirus by working from home where we can. But just because our offices are mostly closed, it doesn't mean our business is!

We continue to provide our unique brand of PR and marketing whilst working remotely. You can still reach us on our main number 01772346152 or via our contact page.

Maintaining brand visibility is going to be key for us all when it comes to bouncing back. So, we've produced some hints and tips on low cost ways you can stay 'front of mind' with your customer and prospect audiences.

How can we help you in these trying times?

Are you in an area of England that's in Tier 3 lockdown measures because cases of Covid-19 exceed 300 per 100,000 of population, like Lancashire and the Liverpool City Region? Need help communicating what this means to your colleagues, customers and other stakeholders? We can quickly produce a set of tailored communications ranging from professionally-crafted blog posts, press releases, social media posts and emails to help you get the balance just right. Remember, empathy is key right now. If you'd like assistance, click here to email us right away.

Please remember, we can only defeat Coronavirus together. Keep following the current government guidance.

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