Campaign Implementation

Now it's time to turn strategies and plans into targeted action whilst measuring the results.

This is where it starts to get truly interesting because, from here on in, you’ll start to see us begin to undertake the activities needed to shape the way you’re seen by the audiences that matter to you. If there’s an internal component to it, this might include a new way of delivering staff briefings and involving them in the success of the business. Externally, you might start to see us securing press coverage for your stories, or taking over your social media accounts to try and drive engagement and web traffic, or engaging with members of the public (for instance if you’re bringing forward plans for new infrastructure and need to consult local residents). You’ll also see us creating and sharing content that conveys your key messages, organising bespoke events or even getting speaker opportunities for your senior people. Whatever our agreed strategies and tactical plans demand, we’ll deliver it. On time and within budget, with a firm eye on outcomes not just outputs.  


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About The Author

Madeline Carpenter is the founder of Market ‘Til You Make It. When she’s not serving her clients, she geeks out on board games, cider, and challenging her friends to top her awesome karaoke skills. She calls Bloomington, Minnesota home.