8 steps to help you revive and thrive after Coronavirus

Adjust to 'the new normal' for your business

8 steps for your business to revive and thrive after Coronavirus 52M Consulting

As we emerge from the Coronavirus lockdown, it's unlikely that the UK economy is going to return to pre-crisis levels quickly or smoothly, and your business is probably going to have to make a lot of adjustments if it wants to succeed. Our simple 8 step programme will help.

Boost your chances of being able to revive and thrive with this structured approach.

8 steps for your business to revive and thrive after Coronavirus 52M Consulting

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#1 Revisit and reconfirm your goal

What is the goal of your business? Now, more than ever, it’s going to be important to focus on this one overarching reason for being, and to make sure that everything you do is ruthlessly aligned with it.

#2 Analyse your situation

Subject your business to an honest and objective review of where it’s at, warts and all. And then frame that in the wider context of the economy and society’s reaction to the Coronavirus public health crisis.

#3 Audit important audiences

How well do you really understand the audiences that shape your success? Spend some time getting to know them, how their expectations of you are likely to change post-lockdown, and how to communicate with them.

#4 Reorient to meet demand

Customers are likely to have very different wants and needs in a post-lockdown environment. Think about whether your existing offers will satisfy them and, if not, consider how you can pivot to meet these new demands.

#5 Choose the right strategy for you

Consider all the different ways you can take your business to market, then pick the one that will help you reach your goal most quickly, at the lowest cost and with the greatest rewards. Don’t let the best be the enemy of the good.

#6 Plan your marketing

Now you know your audiences better, it should be possible to devise a plan for how you will communicate what you do and how that meets customer wants and needs in a post-lockdown world. Emphasise empathy.

#7 Execute it all perfectly

It’s time to turn ideas into action, perfectly executing your strategy and plans. Decide on a start date. Follow your plan and make sure you stay on track. Don’t get distracted, it’s a good plan right? Stick to it.

#8 Review and reorient if required

If you’ve crafted your strategy and plans properly, it should be possible to measure your progress regularly based on pre-determined milestones. If you're not quite achieving what you expected, don’t panic, you may just need to fine-tune it. But, also, don’t be afraid to reorient again if you have to, as everyone adjusts to ‘the new normal’.

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